Need to know before you go to Indonesia

Traveling to a new places are always exciting. But you need to adjust and adapt about how daily life has been in new places. Sometimes it’s quite challenging, but once again, you need to be prepare and adapt.

Here’s some important things you need to know before you go to Indonesia.


Almost ALL payment in Indonesia still use cash money, especially in rural areas, mountain, and island. Please prepare your cash money. Find ATM in the populous area, market, or business area.


English is a foreign language in Indonesia. Not everyone can speak English fluently, except in tourist area. Hotels and tourism industry related person mostly can speak English, at least basic conversation.


Indonesian people have strong related culture and religion. Please respect local culture, wear appropriate or covered clothes in populous area. Swimsuit or bikini can wear only in the related places like beaches and island activity.


Indonesian cuisine famous with it’s tasty local food, some of them are spicy. Vegetarian food barely find in common places.

SIM Card

Please buy Indonesian SIM Card only at the airport. Indonesian government applied IMEI rules, every phone must be registered, otherwise it cannot be used. If you stay less than a week, buy a roaming package from your country is a better idea.

Public Transportation

In the big city like Jakarta or Surabaya, public transport services (bus and train) covered most area of airport, hotels, and markets. In smaller city, public transport are barely seamless and sometimes it’s hard for tourist to get them. Hire a car, rent a scooter, or book a ride with apps like Gojek and Grab is better option, though it’s not covered all area and price can be high.

Lost and found

Not every places are using CCTV surveillance. If you lost something important like phone, wallet, of any other stuffs, sometimes it’s hard for you to found it again. So please take care of all your important belongings.


Indonesian government applies Visa policy requirement for every traveler who arrive in Indonesia. Please check all your Visa requirement, payment, and anything else, so you will not get the problem in immigration after you just landed in Indonesia.

If you need any assistance, questions, or help, our team will be very happy to help you. Please contact us through WhatsApp.

Last but not least, we hope you enjoy your holiday and have many beautiful memories in Indonesia!

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