Bromo Closes Part of Tourism Access Due to Forest and Landfires

Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park has partially closed access to the Mount Bromo tourist area due to forest and land fires that occurred in the savana area. (photo: Mongabay Indonesia/

Official said the closure was carried out for the smooth outage of burned areas. “For the smoothness of extinguishing efforts and observing the safety of visitors, then Bromo tourist visits were partially closed,”

Tourist access through Malang Regency (Jemplang entrance and Coban Trisula was closed to visitors, in order to facilitate the fire extinguishing process by joint officers.

Visitors can still enter the Bromo tourist area through the Probolinggo (Cemoro Lawang gates) and Pasuruan (Wonokitri), with a number of restrictions for areas that tourists can visit.

The area that can be visited is starting from Sand-dunes Area (Lautan Pasir) towards Mount Batok, to Pananjakan Sunrise viewpoint.

The closure was enforced starting from September 1, 09.00 pm until an undetermined time limit.

“We appeal to the public, visitors, and tourism service actors to keep the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park Area from forest fires taking into account the use of fire for safety, security, and mutual comfort,” official said.

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